DMA Economics experts focus on the valuation of damages in high-stakes commercial litigation. Our valuations are rigorously calculated and clearly communicated to non-technical decision makers using scientifically accepted methodologies that are intuitive and logical. Our experts have over 30 years experience testifying and consulting on the valuation of damages across a broad range of contexts and industries.

Donald M. May PhD
Damiano Colnago
Sergio C. Godinho 

Leading Commercial Litigation Expert Witnesses In New York 

At DMA Economics, we are dedicated to providing business valuation expert witness & consulting services in the realm of high-stakes commercial litigation. We offer accurate, reliable, and rigorous econometric calculations of damages and ensure that the same is conveyed to our clients in an easy-to-understand manner. We have the requisite resources and the technical & legal know-how to assist plaintiffs and defendants so that they can make well-informed decisions in matters pertaining to commercial litigation.

As business valuation experts in New York, we help clients protect their business interests by guiding them in all aspects of litigation and pre-litigation matters. We have worked with numerous well-known firms in the past, and have been consultants and testifying experts in many multi-million dollar cases. 

If you are looking for a highly skilled and experienced economic damages expert witness, DMA Economics should be your choice. Our experts including a Ph.D. Economist expert witness - offer their expertise in the fields of lost profit damages, securities fraud damages, breach of contract damages, and portfolio mismanagement damages. 

DMA's experts have the specialized knowledge and experience in the calculation of damages incurred due to; breach of contract, secuities fraud and portfolio mismanagement as they relate to lost profits, lost business value, or lost investment value. DMA also provides leading business interruption expert witnesses who conduct thorough market research to prepare damage assessments, so that you get a rigorous and accurate analysis of potential losses to your business. In such cases, expert guidance is important because damages calculations can be very complex. Getting the right lost profits damages expert witness can improve your success as they bring with them rigor, credibility, and objectivity that only a third-party witness like DMA Economics can offer. 

Our experts have also calculated damages from fraud and mismanagement of investor portfolios both in ERISA and non- ERISA matters as well as before the SEC and other regulators. If you are looking for experts in the calculation of damages resulting from securities fraud or portfolio mismanagement  including breach of contract damages contact our expert witness services in New York.

Practice Areas

DMA Economics is a world class economic damages valuation expert witness consultancy in high-stakes commercial litigation. We perform rigorous econometric calculations of damages that are clearly communicated to our clients and triers-of-fact. Our core sectors of expertise are; lost profit damages, securities fraud damages, breach of contract damages, lost enterprise value damages, and portfolio mismanagement damages. 



DMA Economics works on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants to calculate damages in high-stakes commercial litigation.  Some examples of damage calculations relate to securities fraud, product defects, theft of trade secrets, and business interruption to name just a few.



Because of our expertise in the rigors of valuations associated with damages, DMA Economics also has extensive experience in the valuation of business interests for non-litigation matters.  These include but are not limited to valuations of non-public business interests, for acquisition and regulatory purposes.


DMA Economics has extensive experience as expert consultants in both litigation and pre-litigation matters.  Our clients include billion dollar investment funds under SEC investigation as well as smaller businesses concerned with the impact of potential litigation and strategies to reduce potential liability


Case Studies


DMA Economics has worked on behalf of defendants and plaintiffs in matters related to the theft of trade secrets, client lists and intellectual property.  Our analysis involved valuing  the potential loss in profits and business value as a result of the theft.  Dr. May has presented reports and testified in such matters in both arbitration and state and federal court.


DMA Economics has worked on behalf of defendants, plaintiffs, and regulators, such as the SEC, in cases involving securities fraud and portfolio mismanagement. Our analysis measured the impact to investors due to the fraud or mismanagement by recreating their portfolio performance using simulated but-for portfolios that were not impacted by the fraud or portfolio mismanagement and comparing the value of these portfolios to the value of the investors actual portfolio. 


DMA Economics has worked on behalf of class-action plaintiffs and state regulators in matters dealing with product mislabeling and consumer fraud.  Our analysis involved measuring the price premium associated with false product claims such as "All-Natural" as well as the impact associated violations in state regulations related to product labeling. product safety, and consumer fraud.



DMA Economics has worked on behalf of plaintiffs and defendants related to matters that may have resulted in lost profits and lost enterprise value.  Our analysis involved the analyses of lost profits associated with product defects and potential consumer stigma resulting from the defect to name just a few.  

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