Sergio C. Godinho
M. +1.347.276.4353

Sergio Godinho is a senior professional with diversified experience in both the financial services industry, as well as providing advice in litigation, dispute resolution, mediation, and business consulting matters, including class actions and class certifications. He works closely with senior experts in establishing causation, liability, and damages across a vast array of dispute matters.

Mr. Godinho held senior positions in New York and Dublin, providing services in his role as custodian, indenture trustee, and collateral and fund administrator for structured credit investment vehicles such as, Funds of Funds, CDOs, CLOs, Credit Opportunity Funds, and Complex Funds (Master/Feeder structures). He supported compliance and analytics for portfolios comprised by various asset classes such as: leveraged syndicated loans, corporate bonds, RMBSs, CMBSs, CDOs, synthetic securities, and other illiquid securities.


Mr. Godinho ‘s exposure and industry experience acquired in the years prior and during the unprecedented financial crisis of 2007-2009, offered Mr. Godinho invaluable insights and first hand knowledge of complex structures and securities that are often claimed to have been in the epicenter of the most recent credit and liquidity market disruption, and he has a strong knowledge of credit derivatives instruments and their standard documentation (i.e. ISDA) and collateral protocols (i.e. CDSs and IRSs).


Mr. Godinho provides his expertise to clients including sovereign funds, insurance companies, banks, investment funds, hedge funds, pension funds, and other institutional entities. Engagements involved investment funds at different stages of their lives, including warehousing, closing, effective date, wind down, and liquidation.


Besides his securities industry experience in establishing causation and liability, Mr. Godinho also gained experience in damages calculation methodologies such as, event studies, comparable and regression analysis, under different types of damages analysis including lost profits, disgorgement, full price restitution and others.


Damages cases in which Mr. Godinho provided expert support include areas such as oil and gas, products mislabeling, securities, funds and financial instruments, and misappropriation.


Mr. Godinho has also participated in relevant consulting engagements and investigations covering bankruptcy, and joint liquidation cases in the United States.



Cass Business School, London

M.Sc. Finance and Investments


New York University

Certificate in Financial Risk Management


Universidade Lusiada, Lisbon

B.S. Management


Escola Naval (Portuguese Navy Academy)

Military Naval Sciences Degree


DMA Economics LLC

Managing Director

2015 to present


PVA Toucan, LLC


Independent Consultant

Berkeley Research Group, LLC

Independent Consultant


LECG, Inc.

Independent Consultant



Wilmington Trust Conduit Services, LLC.

Vice President


PVA International, LLC.




UN Portuguese Permanent Mission, New York

Assistant Attaché, worked on matters related to UN Management Reform.

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