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DMA Calculates Damages Investors Suffered from Alleged Portfolio Manager Breach of Fiduciary Duty


Despite a very difficult 2020 for everyone, DMA Economics was able to help over 200 pension fund investors recover millions in damages due to alleged portfolio mismanagement by the pension fund advisor.

Restrictions due to the pandemic required all depositions and arbitration testimony to be conducted via Zoom.

With over 200 cases and four damage scenarios created for each damaged investor, arbitrators accepted DMA’s damage calculations at a rate of over 90%.

Thus, in 2020 almost every investor was able to recoup damages caused to their retirement fund due to portfolio mismanagement.

Donald May Economic Damages Expert Witness

About the Author

Dr. Donald M. May PhD CPA

As a former MIT finance professor with extensive testifying experience, Dr. May is a world-class expert in the valuation of damages. With his invaluable experience in testifying in arbitration as well as state and federal court, Dr. May represents what sets us apart from others—our solid knowledge base and experience.